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I would love to fill this on a conversation with any of you! It`s just a more personal way of doing things that I have =). But anyway, I`m Dmitri, an artist of some kind, lover of great food, and die-hard loyal person.

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National Uni of Quilmes


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Hey everyone who reads this. How`s it going?
This last few weeks have been pretty good for me, since I finished 3 guitars that will be available for sale on monday and now I have a little extra spare time to spend here with everyone on newgrounds =).
Plus, I also get to work with cool and interesting people, such as LuisFregoso, in the scoring of their own stuff ^^.
It`s funny, I`ve had good results with other sites like purevolume and myspace, and even Itunes when I had that one open.
But newgrounds it`s actually the one I liked the most, it`s so cool to see everyone get along, or at least, the vast majority.
It truly feels like a community of it`s own, and for that I`m thankful.
Even if I don`t get many views or downloads, I`m still enjoying the work and art of others in a free way and on top of that I can speak my mind with no restraints =D.
Whenever the economic situation on my country stabilizes and I can transfer dollars virtually, promise I`ll support newgrounds with the respective money that I think they deserve. Tom fulp had the greatest idea founding this site.
So anyway, just wanted to say that out loud here. Thanks to anyone who sees my NG, and thanks to everyone, EVERYONE, who makes this site what it is, despite the nature of their work, despite if just spectators, I`m glad I finally found a good art-sharing webpage.
My best regards to all of you my dearest clockworks!

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